Career and Life Vision Consultant

[Note: As I am currently working full-time, I am not accepting consulting projects at this time.]

Hassan Akmal

Career and Life Mastery Leader;
Chief Architect of the "YOU Matter" Program

Pedro Manrique, PhD

Organizational Development Consultant; CEO, DRP Systems; Former President of the Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks); Strategist; Author

Perhaps an eclectic path, the career started in audio as Director of Engineering in a modest loudspeaker company in Montreal, followed by VLSI Design at CIDTEC in Syracuse and at Photobit in Pasadena for NASA and CMOS image sensor applications respectively. Returning to audio, he transitioned to Harman International as Global Engineering Program Manager where he obtained 9 patents; with one for Infinity Systems, JBL, and Harman Kardon. Contributions there included managing development of several dozen loudspeakers and consumer electronics products for Infinity Systems, JBL, and Harman Kardon that shipped throughout the globe. He formed DRP Systems Inc., an Organizational Development consulting company with clients that included Belkin, Innovative Dimmers, and Columbia University. While at Belkin as Global Engineering Program Manager managing several hundred products, a 10th patent was completed for electronic surge devices in residential settings. He served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Innovative Dimmers, a lighting control company that supports TV and film productions throughout the country. The duties there included strategic roadmaps, engineering management, operations, project management, manufacturing, contract manufacturing, procurement, and IT administration. Conversely, while consulting for Columbia University, contributions included key note speaker, panel moderator, career development workshops, and podcasts.

He transitioned to education at DeVry University as Dean for the College of Engineering and Information Sciences. As administrator, professor, and author, publications included game programing and curriculum design for engineering students. Concurrently, he volunteered as President of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce, when Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s office reached out to join their Blue-Ribbon Commission on Employment Equity. Contributions there included first job employment fair where he completed mock interviews with formerly incarcerated people to prepare them for on the spot employer hiring opportunities.

The academic progression included Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering followed by a M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. As Ph.D. candidate in Business Administration concentrated in Organizational Leadership, his dissertation is focused on organizational dysfunction in the manufacturing sector of Southern California. Concurrently, he contributes as Adjunct Faculty at Phillips Graduate University where he teaches doctoral students in Organizational Management and Consulting and serves as chair with their dissertations. Grateful and optimistic, he embraces undercurrents of opportunities, sharing knowledge and taking ownership for the success of others throughout this journey.